Yellow Pages Advertising: Are You Wasting Ad Dollars?

I could probably say this more tactfully, but here's the truth:

  • If you're spending thousands of dollars for space to be seen and heard, and then run a Yellow Page ad that fails to grab your prospect's eye and say something compelling, well you're wasting your darn money!

Sounds obvious put into black and white, doesn't it? But take a look in your Yellow Page directory and see for yourself. Do any ads grab you by the collar and pull you in? Is there one Yellow Page ad that speaks directly to YOUR felt needs, wishes and emotional state of mind? Or are your eyes skimming over a sea of clip-art images, trite clichés, and the same dull promises?

So lose that "break-even mentality" and expect your next Yellow Page advertisement to use that expensive ad space wisely - by muscling out every other ad on the page, captivating the prospects attention, and compelling those same prospects to call you. Yes, a Yellow Page ad can (and should) do that, but you have to insist on an ad specifically designed for your business and precisely targeted towards your ideal customer.

"But my Yellow Page Rep told me this ad was designed specifically for my business?" Well, frankly, I doubt it. It may have been put together for your account. But tell me this, if you replaced your business name and phone number, could your current Yellow Page ad be used by half the other companies in your category? How much did the ad designer or sales rep ask you about your business and target customers before designing the ad? Did they spend more than twenty minutes creating your Yellow Pages advertisement?

For roughly the cost of running your ad for a single month, an experienced Yellow Pages ad design consultant will take the time to learn about your business and your most important customers - specifically to tap into the emotional state and mindset of your prospects - before setting down to design your ad. And this kind of emotional insight, combined with real design expertise, can catapult your Yellow Page ad response to herculean levels.

How do I know this? I've learned it through 30 years of advertising design experience, 15 of which have been spent designing effective Yellow Page ads exclusively. From my extensive experience, a highly targeted, professionally designed ad normally generates ad response improvements of 30-70%. A few of our clients have even heard their phones ring 500 - 800% more often!

Of course there are various factors that will effect your response rate but the most important point to remember is this: If you're going to hand over all that cash every month to your publisher, run the most powerful, phone-call-generating Yellow Pages ad possible. Otherwise, tear your business out of the Yellow Pages and invest your money wisely, elsewhere.

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